Easy Fix for Front Plate Holes

Rev up your dealership’s sales with BumperPlugs™. Since our introduction to the automotive world in 1998, we’ve been trusted by thousands of satisfied dealerships across the country. Our color-matched plugs, designed to seamlessly blend with any make and model, offer an ideal solution for unsightly front license plate holes. Installation is a breeze, taking less than 2 minutes. With a proud history of 25 years in business and a commitment to manufacturing all our products in the USA, we continue to serve our customers with quality and dedication.

We produce the plugs in our world-class downdraft system using our 19-stage paint process to ensure a perfect finish and color match.
Over 2500 colors are in stock and ready to ship within 1 business day.

Retail $34.95/pair
Dealer $27.95/pair

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How to Install

  1. Check that color of plugs is the same as bumper.
  2. Verify hole size (plugs require 9/32" diameter). Drill if necessary.
  3. Gently clean bumper with a microfiber cloth and car wash soap.
  4. After confirming hole diameter, gently insert plugs.

Installation may vary depending on vehicle type/hole size. See install page for more info.

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