Rejex 16oz Protectant & Sealer

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Let's face it, you've tried nearly every wax, polish and sealant for your beautiful vehicle. There are many great products out there, and many of them work very well (we've tried nearly all of them).

This space-age technology was originally developed for the aerospace and marine industry, and was sold to the US military for years. In fact, it was found to resist sand-pitting on helicopter blades in Desert Storm, and was later rolled out for the automotive industry.

Rejex is a sealant. Plain and simple, this means that if your paint is already in good condition, and does not need refinishing with abrasive compounds and polishes, Rejex will make the paint smooth, slippery and give you a tremendous depth of shine on your vehicle.

Apply to your wheels, plastics, and painted surfaces to ease the weekly washing. Hit the dirt with a hose and nearly all of it slides off the surface, making the wash effort much easier.

See why thousands of vehicle owners have switched to Rejex. And don't be fooled by low-ball pricing. Notice that we sell Rejex in the full sized 16 oz container, not the smaller (and cheaper) 12 oz bottle. List price is $25. We sell it everyday for $23.95. Try it today!