Rear Reflectors - Cayenne (pair)

  • Brand: Porsche
  • Product Code: Rear Reflectors - Cayenne
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Tired of the red reflection at the back?

These are painted OEM Cayenne lower rear reflectors, found in the lower lip of the rear bumper on '11-'14 models. For those with painted lower lip in rear, we provide OEM replacement reflectors in our custom 19-stage factory-matched color. We can also provide them in Satin Black finishes for those with unpainted/dark lower lip. Don't you have enough 'red reflection' going on back there already?

100% Porsche Factory Parts
We use only OEM parts directly from Porsche, ensuring a perfect fit
19-Stage Finish
Our intricate paint process takes several weeks to complete after the parts have been prepped
Color Match
We use the highest quality factory paint (from Germany) to mix 100% factory formulations resulting in perfect color matches
Detail Oriented
Our team of professional painters provides meticulous attention to detail from prep to the curing stage

Custom Painted

The reflectors are custom painted to order using our 19 stage process. Our flawless finish requires extensive prep and production time. Current estimated turnaround time is 6+ weeks once the order is scheduled in our paint shop.

Additional Information

* PTS (Paint to Sample) is available as a premium option. Given the nature of Porsche PTS, our paint crew will analyze the formulas to ensure a perfect match. Please note, PTS may not be available for every color. We will reconfirm color before proceeding.

* VIN is required for part verification. This allows us to match your car with the exact OEM parts from Porsche. This information will remain confidential as per our Privacy Policy.


The finishes on our custom painted items are superior, however please take extra precaution and care. These should be cleaned with ordinary car wash soap and water (by hand). We cannot warranty against chips or damage caused by rocks or debris hitting your vehicle.