How to Order


Hole Size: Remove front bracket, check number of holes and size.  BumperPlugs™ are designed for holes no larger than 9/32". Ideally the holes on your bumper are this size or smaller and can easily be drilled to 9/32" to accept the plug. For some holes that are larger than 9/32" a simple ring of electrical tape around the stem of the plug will hold it in place firmly against the bumper.  The hole should be able to accept a 3/4" length plug stem.

Color Selection: Most vehicle manufacturers place a color code on the vehicle that may be on the door, door jamb, glove box or trunk/deck lid. If you are not sure, check with your dealer, or call your toll free customer service number for your vehicle, and provide the VIN. Ask for the factory paint code (not the order code), then email the code, year and model to us.  Most of our colors are listed with their factory code.  BumperPlugs™ are sold based on make and color, not specific model.  For example, Alpine White for BMW is the same Alpine White for all BMW models.

Order:  Shop By Make -> Select your vehicle make, then click item.  Select color from the drop down menu, and adjust quantity if needed. BumperPlugs™ are all sold in pairs, two plugs per pair.  

Check Out: Click the shopping cart in the upper right and checkout, making sure to place the correct billing information in the billing section. Our highly secure checkout will not allow a transaction if the billing information does not match your card or bank. Shipping can be different from billing. 

After checkout you will receive a confirmation showing what you ordered, colors, quantity, etc. You will receive a second email confirmation directly from us, then a confirmation of shipment with label/tracking information.

BumperPlugs™ (over 1800 colors) are in stock, and usually ship within one business day of paid order.

Other Products

Other product ordering works the same way. Select the item, click to see colors, then add to order. Anything that specifies a core exchange may require a secondary payment later. Core exchange means when your item is ready to ship we will invoice you for a refundable core deposit, then ship the item. You return your unpainted, good condition core for a refund on the deposit. We will specify the details of this when an order is received for any relevant core exchange product.

Everything Else

All other items are self explanatory but we welcome your questions anytime.