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There’s a difference between a car lover and a car enthusiast. The way we see it, if you’re not proud to show off your vehicle, you’re in the wrong car. - where real “car people” shop.

BumperPlugs™: Common Problem, Uncommon Solution

Our flagship product, BumperPlugs™, were developed specifically for car enthusiasts. They’re a custom, exact-matched solution to those annoying front plate holes in your bumper, but they’re so much more. They make it clear how seriously you take the appearance of your vehicle. BumperPlugs™ are the original aesthetic solution to bumper holes. They’re easy to install, removable, and available for almost every make, model, and paint code on the planet. Simply put, BumperPlugs™ are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Other Products by BumperPlugs™

Today, we offer an extensive selection of custom factory-matched appearance products including:

  • Keyhole/Door Plugs
  • Tow Plug Covers
  • Electronics & Lighting
  • Custom Painted Emblems
  • Custom Painted Exterior & Interior Trim

…and much more! If your car is almost perfect, our products help take it over the finish line.