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Offering experience and stellar customer service for over 22 years.
We’re the kind of car enthusiasts who park at the farthest end of the parking lot. At BumperPlugs™ “good enough” just won’t do. We strive for perfection when it comes to our cars and the products we offer.

The BumperPlugs.com Story
After purchasing his Porsche 911 in 1998, Eric Sklut, owner and creator of BumperPlugs.com, searched for a solution to plug his car’s front license plate holes. He couldn’t find it, so he decided to develop it himself. After six prototypes and five months of trials, the right product was finally developed, and BumperPlugs™ were brought to life.

Other enthusiasts began to notice Eric’s special plugs, and a business was born. New colors, shapes, and makes were added to the BumperPlugs™ line of products.

As the proprietary finish process was proven long-term, BumperPlugs™ began to expand the product line to include various painted trim items (plastic and rubber) and enhancements for audio, lighting and performance.

At BumperPlugs.com, Quality Counts
We’re as particular as anyone about our cars. Our products are tested and retested under extreme conditions to assure the highest level of quality. The professionals at BumperPlugs™ know exactly how to handle the painting of various plastic and rubber materials. Most of our products utilize a proprietary 19-stage finish process that results in an exact factory match every time. It’s taken us hundreds of hours to get each and every one of our products to the level we know our customers deserve.

Today, BumperPlugs™ products are sold in over twenty countries. With thousands of customers worldwide, BumperPlugs™ is known for outstanding quality and an unparalleled level of customer service.