Custom BumperPlugs™ (Shared Cost)

$99.00 / 2 pairs (4 plugs total)
  • Brand: BumperPlugs
  • Product Code: Custom BumperPlugs™ (Shared)
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Don't see your color listed? No worries, we can produce it for you!

It may be hard to believe since we have over 2500 colors on the website, but for new releases or limited edition colors, we only offer them as a custom order. The 'Shared Cost' option allows us to offer the custom option at a lower price since the cost is shared between a minimum of 5 customers. We prioritize custom plug orders and move them through our production schedule ahead of other items when possible.

Please verify your hole size is 9/32" or smaller and there is at least 3/4" depth (nothing in the way) behind the hole.

Proprietary Material
Custom blend of nylon, urethane and other polymers
19-Stage Finish
Our paint process takes approximately 14 working days to complete (19 stages plus 3 stage clear)
Color Match
We use the highest quality factory paint (from Germany) to mix 100% factory formulations resulting in perfect color matches
Detail Oriented
Our team of professional painters provides meticulous attention to detail from prep to the curing stage

Color Match

We mix 100% exact paint formulas according to the car manufacturer, so you will receive a perfect match to your vehicle.

What's Included

Two pairs (4 plugs total) of custom painted BumperPlugs™ perfectly matched to your vehicle.


BumperPlugs require a 9/32" hole size. Depending on hole diameter, you may be required to enlarge to holes. More information is available on our installation page.


Please see Warranty Policy for more details.