Fraudulent Resellers

We are the original developers of the BumperPlugs™ product line and spent hundreds of hours developing the product, its use and fitment, and our proprietary multi stage finish process. There are handfuls of copycatters who have attempted to capitalize on both our worldwide reputation among automotive enthusiasts, and our world famous products.

If you are NOT buying BumperPlugs™ from us directly, you can rest assured you are buying a cheap knock off that will not have any resemblance to our perfectly flawless finish nor will it provide the solution you seek.

Legal efforts are ongoing to prevent and stop those unscrupulous vendors from selling cheap fakes using our product name. Unless you purchase from us you are not buying the original and guaranteed product, and you are likely to be disappointed.

Certain authorized automobile dealers and specialists carry our trademarked product, but to know for sure that you are buying the authentic BumperPlugs™ product, please contact us directly.

Feel free to ask us questions regarding this matter, or if you find our product name being used to sell a similar product, so we can take further action to stop this fraud. You may actually see some of the same images from our site on these fake sites. Do not be fooled. These fraudulent resellers have lifted the images from our site, and action is underway to put a stop to it.

Thank you.